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The Art and Science of Massage Therapy

My Story

Sound mind in a sound body.

In my youth I was frequently ill and sadly, a weak child but always dreamt of being healthy and strong. That's why I got interested in sports and in healthy eating habits. My desire to learn more about my body grew into a serious hobby. It led me into the field of medicine. I obtained a medical education in the Specialties of Orthopedics and later as a Rehabilitation Specialist.


While in Europe, I systematically advanced my qualifications and received a Diploma in Physiotherapy and Massage along with a Diploma in Scientific Exercise Therapeutic Progression of Joint Gymnastics. I also received my Manual Therapist Certification from the highly acclaimed American Ola Grimsby Institute which enabled me to treat and help professional sportsmen like: golfers, runners, bodybuilders and tennis teams. I was a Personal Trainer, Yoga and Thai Chi instructor in various schools in Italy.

I was honored to be selected by the International Olympic Committee to help athletes participating in 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.


Positive results of my work, voiced by people whom I helped to become healthier, stronger and happier, made me discover my calling. I strive to apply all my knowledge to help people. I believe that good health depends on a continuous struggle of body, soul and mind to increase belief in yourself.

I believe that EVERY ONE OF YOU will reach your goals!  Mahalo and Aloha!

My Education

Massage therapist in Honolulu

My Apprpoach

My practice was built on the philosophy, that in order to improve health, you must address all aspects of your body systems. This is done by integrating powerful techniques used by the Olympic athletes with traditional approaches of Physical Therapy and Massage. Following my Certifications in Massophysical Therapy and in Orthopedic Manual Therapy by the acclaimed American Institute of Ola Grimsby, I established my practice with the intent to improve patients health. I manage to save them costly ER visits, radiographs, opioid prescriptions and unnecessary surgeries.
I believe in non-invasive treatments which are specifically designed to fit indivi needs. They are restoring health and making positive and meaningful improvement of everybody's life.


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