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Professional Mobile Massages at Home

Price $250/hour

Book Professional massage at your home in Honolulu or anywhere on the island of Oahu! It’s an opportunity to introduce your loved one to relaxing massage therapy. It will also give you a chance to forget the daily stresses. 

You know that feeling when all you want is a nice, hearty massage to get out all the knots, but the last thing you want to do is journey to a spa. Thankfully, at-home massages are the way of the future, bringing luxury relaxation and peace to your home or place of work. These treatments will leave you pampered, relaxed, renewed and wanting to repeat for more! 


My Restore treatment is designed to uplift and rebalance. The key feature of this treatment incorporates a heated castor oil pack and clinical aromatherapy. A Restore session is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a supportive boost.

Each therapeutic, restorative session includes:

Aromatherapy (lavender, lemon, and frankincense essential oils) to combat hormonal imbalances and feelings of anxiety or depression.

Reflexology or foot massage for swollen or tense feet and hands, as well as points for depression and low energy levels.

Deep neck and shoulder work to relieve tension from the daily grind.

Gentle abdominal, diaphragm, and costal massage as well as abdominal cupping to restore natural digestive function, alleviate cramping (This portion of the treatment is optional.)

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