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Healing Power Spots in Hawaii To Recharge Your Energy

Take care of your life force by visiting a Hawaii Sacred Place 

I use spiritual rituals to connect the heart with the outside world or as a way of connecting our physical actions with our heart via spiritual healing.
One of the fundamental aspects of my work and research is spiritual healing and wellbeing. 

Why visit a power spot? 

Power spots are all places where visitors can pray for good luck, and bathe in healing energy to improve their well-being. According to power spot experts—many who are astrologists and psychics and especially in-tune with the Earth’s energy—, some power spots have different benefits to offer its visitors. Similar to shrines with different deities in Hawaii, some power spots are famous for their physical healing powers, while others are best to visit for bringing luck in love or at work. 

A power spot Wahi Pana in Hawaiian, the term for a sacred place. Wahi is the word for place. In isolation, the word pana means “pulse.” Thus, sacred places are “places with a pulse,”  is an area where spiritual visitors can take in the energy of the Earth and experience healing, generate good luck, or rejuvenate a tired body and soul. You might have heard about them as “energy spots” or “energy vortexes.” 
Global power spot examples include Stonehenge in England, Sedona, Arizona in the U.S.A, and Uluru (formerly Ayer’s Rock) in Australia.
In Hawaii, power spots are often known as sacred places where gods come to walk the Earth, so they often coincide with shrines and temples. 
Many Hawaiians who value the mind and spirit travel to power spots every year, 

Bathe in the energy of these power spots Wahi Pana in and around Hawaii to rejuvenate and recharge your mind and body.

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Just remember

The benefits of visiting power spots are purely for the individuals who seek the healing energy or ‘good luck’ associated with a location.  We all have a desire to connect to something greater than ourselves. Whether that’s feeling the smallness of our physical form on top of a mountain immersed in nature or gazing at ocean waves in awe of the intricate buzzing of life. These experiences strike a chord inside of us, one that rings out “I am alive.” It allows us to see that we are both a part of and a part from something beyond just “I”. What are your top values? Love, community, harmony, kindness, health?


Let Hawaiian Wahi Pana help you to heal  from Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Conditions


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  • An action performed by our bodies in connection with our spirit

  • Guided meditation

  • Balance energy fields

  • Remove energetic blockages

  • Enhance mental clarity

  • Promote restoration

  • Strengthen chakras

  • Close and seal energetic blockages


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