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Super Deep Tissue Massage

Price $250/hour

Deep Tissue Massage WILL STIMULATE THE MUSCLE and helps relieve pain and promotes the growth of new muscle cells while repairing the damaged ones, thus making you more efficient while recovering and competing. 


A muscle is surrounded by a fascia, or a "sack" that holds it together. When that fascia is tight, it restricts the amount of area there is for your muscle to grow. Super Deep tissue massage is a great way to loosen and stretch out that fascia, allowing for more room for muscle growth. Also, deep tissue massage will flush the area of any scar tissue allowing for more blood flow or pump when you're training.


 If your massage is relaxing you or making you happy, it's the wrong kind of massage. You know you need the kind of massage that afterwards you feel like you got your ass kicked!


Regarding recovery, DTM can:
Reduce excessive post-exercise muscle tone
Increase muscle range
Increase circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue

If you have injuries, I recommend two treatments per week until you're healed. If you're doing it just to stay healthy, allow for better workouts and growth, once a week will do.

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