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 Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi

Experience the Bliss of Lomi Lomi: An Energetic Massage in Hawaii

​120-min The BEST Full Body Massage / Lomi Lomi -$500

Lomi lomi is an ancient Hawaiian restorative healing system which goes far beyond massage. A primary focus of Lomi lomi is to create maximum movement of the spine.


Hawaiian massage includes many bodywork techniques. The strokes are done with the hands and forearms and are often long and sweeping, much like long, rolling waves traveling along the body. Lomi lomi also includes range-of-motion work, deep-tissue techniques and, most importantly, the full presence of loving touch. This Hawaiian technique performed on the abdomen is always emphasized in traditional teachings. Abdominal lomi lomi is used to help with the elimination process of toxins and pathogens, therefore improving the energetic function of the organs. 


Hawaiian massage Lomi lomi may also include a detoxification program and the use of herbal remedies prior to the actual bodywork.  

Why visit a power spot? 

Power spots are all places where visitors can pray for good luck, and bathe in healing energy to improve their well-being. According to power spot experts—many who are astrologists and psychics and especially in-tune with the Earth’s energy—, some power spots have different benefits to offer its visitors. Similar to shrines with different deities in Hawaii, some power spots are famous for their physical healing powers, while others are best to visit for bringing luck in love or at work. 

Experience the Bliss of Lomi Lomi: An Energetic Massage in Hawaii


Welcome to the enchanting world of Lomi Lomi, a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that goes beyond the physical and touches the soul. Rooted in ancient Hawaiian healing practices, Lomi Lomi is a unique form of bodywork that embraces the mind, body, and spirit to promote deep relaxation, harmony, and overall well-being.


Originating from the Polynesian settlers who brought their healing arts to the Hawaiian islands centuries ago, Lomi Lomi has evolved into a powerful therapeutic practice that is now revered and cherished by both locals and visitors alike. Its name, "Lomi Lomi," translates to "rub rub" or "massage massage" in Hawaiian, signifying the continuous flow and rhythm that characterizes this sacred massage.


At the heart of Lomi Lomi is the belief that physical ailments are manifestations of emotional and spiritual blockages. By releasing tension and restoring the natural energy flow within the body, Lomi Lomi seeks to bring about holistic healing, rejuvenation, and alignment of the mind, body, and spirit.


What sets Lomi Lomi apart from other massage techniques is its use of long, flowing strokes that mimic the movement of ocean waves, gentle stretches, and intuitive touch. The practitioner's hands and forearms dance harmoniously across the body, creating a rhythmic dance that encourages relaxation and the release of tension. This dance-like quality not only relaxes the muscles but also allows the recipient to experience a deep sense of connection and surrender.


Lomi Lomi is often performed using warm oils infused with tropical scents, such as coconut or plumeria, adding to the sensory journey. The soothing aroma and the gentle warmth of the oils enhance the overall experience, promoting a state of tranquility and inner peace.


Beyond the physical benefits, Lomi Lomi is known for its profound emotional and spiritual effects. As the massage progresses, the recipient may experience a profound sense of release, letting go of emotional burdens, and gaining clarity. It is not uncommon for recipients to describe their Lomi Lomi experience as a journey of self-discovery and a reconnection with their inner essence.


Whether you seek relaxation, stress relief, physical healing, or simply a transformative experience, Lomi Lomi has something unique to offer. Its ancient wisdom and nurturing touch have the power to uplift your spirit, restore balance, and leave you with a profound sense of well-being.


When visiting Hawaii, immersing yourself in the magic of Lomi Lomi is an opportunity not to be missed. Let the rhythm of the islands guide you to a place of deep relaxation, where the sacred art of Lomi Lomi awaits to envelop you in its healing embrace. Embark on this soulful journey and discover the transformative power of Lomi Lomi, allowing it to transport you to a state of bliss and connection with your inner self.


Experience the Aloha spirit through Lomi Lomi—your gateway to a world of holistic well-being and rejuvenation. Book your Lomi Lomi massage today and embark on a transformative journey like no other.

Bathe in the energy of these power spots Wahi Pana in and around Hawaii to rejuvenate and recharge your mind and body.


Step onto the path of transformation, as the scents of exotic flowers caress your senses, intermingling with the ocean breeze that carries the ancient songs of the sea. The rhythmic chant of the waves becomes the symphony that accompanies your journey, guiding you deeper into the realm of the mystical.


As you enter the sacred space, your eyes alight upon a tapestry of vibrant hues, each thread delicately woven with intention. The environment breathes with an air of reverence, adorned with traditional symbols that honor the sacred connection between heaven and earth. The ambiance is electric, pulsating with an energy that beckons you to dissolve into the world of harmony. 

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Just remember

The benefits of visiting power spots are purely for the individuals who seek the healing energy or ‘good luck’ associated with a location.  We all have a desire to connect to something greater than ourselves. Whether that’s feeling the smallness of our physical form on top of a mountain immersed in nature or gazing at ocean waves in awe of the intricate buzzing of life. These experiences strike a chord inside of us, one that rings out “I am alive.” It allows us to see that we are both a part of and a part from something beyond just “I”. What are your top values? Love, community, harmony, kindness, health?


Let Hawaiian Wahi Pana help you to heal  from Physical, Emotional or Spiritual Conditions


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  • An action performed by our bodies in connection with our spirit

  • Guided meditation

  • Balance energy fields

  • Remove energetic blockages

  • Enhance mental clarity

  • Promote restoration

  • Strengthen chakras

  • Close and seal energetic blockages


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