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Cannabis Massage 

Price $270/hour

CBD Massage
I are providing the option to add CBD herbal massage oil to massage at the benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) are aligned with what we strive to achieve with every massage therapy session at home massage. The CBD massage cream enhances pain relief, reduces inflammation & relaxes stress in the body.


The CBD and therapeutic herbal infused massage oil I use is formulated from organic Hawaiian hemp, it is non-psychotropic but deeply therapeutic.


The benefits of CBD include:

Reduces pain
Increases comfort during deep tissue massage
Reduces inflammation
Helps arthritis
Relieves anxiety and stress
Help sleep
Great for the skin used for Psoriasis/Eczema
Good for sprains & strains


Who is CBD Massage for? Adding CBD massage cream is great for anyone who has chronic pain, arthritis, soreness from training, daily stress or anxiety.


Schedule your CBD Herbal Massage today. With every treatment  you will receive 0,5 oz. of CBD massage oil w, hot towel treatment, aromatherapy to make a luxurious and effective experience for the added price of just $50.00.

I describe this extra service as the CBD Herbal Massage because it is the synergy between the CBD, essential oils and the healing herbs that make the session deeply relaxing and healing

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