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 Massage for Dancers

Price $200/hour

We all LOVE a massage, and as dancers, boy do we get sore muscles! But when and why should we enjoy a massage? 
Massage improve your performance in dancing.
A massage improves your health by assisting in the elimination of toxins like lactic acid and it improves circulation to tissues within the body
A major benefit of massage is that it decreases the pain we feel in our muscles after training, rehearsals and performance through the dispersal of the lactic acid, Massage can speed up injury recovery
Masseur give specific stretches to target problem areas. Massage will increase the range of movement through your joints, speed up the recovery after hard training and increase energy flow..

How often should a full time dancer have a massage?
I would seriously recommend a dancer to have a decent massage every fortnight, depending on your schedule. A good massage, before a rest day, will keep you free from problems building up over time.

After such a trauma, the ballerinas are not restored, but you continue to dance.

Honolulu Massage therapy are essential for healthy dancer

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