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Corporate & Event Massage 

Price $200/hour

My Corporate Packages help your employees relax and rejuvenate, celebrate accomplishments, feel appreciated by getting time to care for their emotional, mental, and  physical wellness.

Setting up a Corporate Massage event for your staff is easy.  All you need to do is set aside space, and we will do the rest.  
We bring all equipment and supplies needed to transform your space and give your staff an experience that they will rave about for weeks! To get started or find out more information, contact us!

In-Office Chair Massage

Masseur bring their own professional massage chair and can set-up in any conference room or cubical. But the therapist can also “float” around the room if the massage chair is wanted. This is ideal for people that want to socialize at events or continue working without leaving their workstation.
Individuals will enjoy feel relaxed and rejuvenated after our therapist work on their neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands and temples.
Up to 15 minutes per employee
Clients remain fully clothed
$120 / hr / Therapist
2-hour minimum
Talk about ROI

In-Office Table Massage

Masseur bring a professional massage table to the office or event. This massage is perfect for people that want to lay down but still be modestly draped or clothed. Clothed Table is ideal for people that want to totally relax and need ​more lower back, body or legs worked.
Up to 30 minutes per employee
Requires a little more space but can still be done in your office
Can focus on High Tension areas (neck, shoulders, back) and High Strain areas (lower back and legs)
Clients remain fully clothed
$120 / hr / Therapist
2-hour minimum

Workplace Self-Care Classes

In addition to offering massage, we can EDUCATE your staff on how to reduce stress at work through relaxation techniques, self-massage, stretching …

$250 / hour  

Gift Certificates

Show your staff that you really appreciate them by giving a full-service massage at our location!
Purchase up to $2000 get 10% off
Purchase over $2000 and get 15% and receive Priority Booking!

Custom Packages
We know, it’s all too good to decide!  We are happy to mix and match our services to create a custom event to meet your needs!

Fun Facts About massage Therapy

  • Proven to reduce stress, relax and calm the nerves of tense or fatigued employees.

  • A calming and comforting touch provides a physical and mental rejuvenation for those employees engaged in time sensitive mentally challenging projects. Current Medical research (University of Miami’s School of Medicine) indicates that a basic 15 minute chair massage not only decreased job stress but significantly increased alertness and work productivity.

  • Ideal for workers that develop the “kink in the neck or shoulders” or headaches due to overuse syndrome on the phone, computer workstation, or have “lifting/bending/carrying” type jobs.

  • The perfect experience for the overachievers that have a difficult time relaxing.

  • Massage therapy improves mental activity in the workplace and gives employees time to refocus on difficult workloads with extra vitality.

  • Treating your employees to a weekly/monthly or occasional massage will show your employees that you appreciation them for all their hard work and help boost morale in the workplace!

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