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Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Highly demanding jobs can take their toll on individuals holding those positions. More and more business leaders in the corporate world are starting to look at wellness strategies as a necessity rather than a luxury. Studies now prove the benefits of massage and as a result corporate leaders are looking at massage as an essential part of their overall wellness strategy. Massage helps individuals in highly demanding positions perform at the top of their game.

Massage is a powerful stress reliever giving people the opportunity to free their mind and open themselves up to new ideas and gives space for those “aha” moments that keep them at the top of their industry.

The business world is fast-paced and competitive. A go-go work life creates physical tension in the muscles and puts individuals at greater risk for chronic pain and dysfunction if left unaddressed. Massage relieves muscle tension, releases fascial restriction and relieves pain and dysfunction.

Research has shown that Cortisol (stress hormone) levels are decreased after a Massage session. Regular massage treatments can lower anxiety and depression allowing people to manage long hours and a hectic schedule. A racing mind cannot think outside the box which can be detrimental in high level positions that thrive on lateral thinking.

Massage can help people get more sleep and a better quality of sleep needed to tackle complex work problems and come up with comprehensive solutions. It is a highly effective option for reducing anxiety and can help an individual maintain peak performance in a high-pressure position of leadership.

Weekly or bi-monthly massages can help individuals stay at the top of their game and thriving in their leadership positions.

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