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Chair Massage & Table Massage– Good for Employees and Employers

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Most people think about massage as a good way to deal with stress. And according to Eastern Kentucky University’s online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety program, health care and missed work days caused by workplace stress cost companies in the US about $300 billion every year.

It makes sense then, to introduce measures that will help stressed employees deal with the physical, mental and emotional effects that stress (in and out of the workplace) can have on them.

AOL Media has already successfully introduced free in-office yoga AND MASSAGE to help relax its employees, and where the Fortune 500 companies lead, the rest of us will usually follow. It really does work – the more supported your workforce feels, the more likely they are to remain loyal, stay in the job and not ‘take a sick day’ just because they’ve had enough. So what can you do to help your employees destress at work?

Yoga might not appeal to everyone, but most people appreciate a massage. For many years Google has had massage available for their employees full time. In-office massage and chair massage programs are one way forward that’s relatively inexpensive – and compared to the amount it might cost you to have an employee go on long term sick leave with stress-related illness, it’s positively cheap.

Research backs up the positive effects of massage therapy on performance as well as mental alertness, so you can look forward to better productivity and accuracy as well as less sick leave to worry about.

It’s not just about stress

Although we think of stress as being the number one condition that massage can help with, many office workers also experience physical symptoms from desk work – and the same applies to factory, warehouse and even driving staff whose work can lead to musculoskeletal injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. These injuries can lead to staff having to take time off sick and are to blame for almost a third of all workers’ compensation awards. Massage can really help reduce the risk of developing this type of injury, which means less absenteeism, fewer compensation claims, and less cost to employers.

Benefits of Chair Massage or Table Massage

Lowers Anxiety

Increases Circulation

Boosts Immune System

Lowers Blood Pressure

Relieves Muscle Pains and Headaches

Decreases Stress

Improves Sleep Quality

How does in-office massage work?

There are different options you can choose if you’re looking for a great way to bring massage to the masses in your work environment.

It’s so easy to incorporate massage therapy into your workplace – Professional massage therapists, like Hawaii Massage Therapy 4 you can be scheduled to come to your office, for health fairs, employee appreciation days, corporate events or on a regularly scheduled basis- weekly or monthly. We bring all the equipment necessary to provide your employees with a short bit of relaxation, pain relief and well being, which is a really good way to make employees feel valued as well as giving them a valuable de-stressing opportunity.

In order to provide you with the best possible experience at the most cost-effective price, we'll need a little information about your company and your requirements.

we'll be happy to create a custom quote for you.

If you'd rather speak to an actual live person or have some questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (808) 319-1387 or drop us an email:

More and more business leaders in the corporate world are starting to look at wellness strategies as a necessity rather than a luxury. Studies now prove the benefits of massage and as a result corporate leaders are looking at massage as an essential part of their overall wellness strategy. Massage helps individuals in highly demanding positions perform at the top of their game.

Thanks for Reading…

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